SSP offer support for their employees through BlueCall!

“The importance of mental well-being has risen in SSP alongside physical well-being. We see our employees as holistic individuals without distinguishing between well-being at work and well-being at leisure. Our number one goal is to take care of the safety and health of our employees.” Says Anne Immonen, Director Ops and HR at SSP Finland.  Pia Axelsson, HR Director at SSP Sweden, continues: “Our employees are performing extraordinarily and we want to show our appreciation and caring by offering support and methods to prevent and handle stress, anxiety, changes in sleep or eating patterns, fear and worry about our own health and the health of our loved ones. We know that employee wellbeing is linked to employee engagement and productivity.”  The current crisis in the world has led to an overall increase in mental health issues. For SSP, it is a given to provide their employees with tools to handle the situation and their well-being. “Times are hard and we all feel it. People around the world are facing increasing mental health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we can’t control the ongoing pandemic or other forces of change, we can control how we respond and position ourselves to survive and even thrive in challenging times.” States Pia Axelsson. Anne Immonen agrees: “The flood of news, rapidly changing circumstances and concerns for your own and others well-being are straining mentally. Our employees at cafes and restaurants meet many people every day and those encounters make you think about your own health.” Caroline Rödén, CEO of BlueCall, is happy to welcome SSP to BlueCall: “It is great to see a global company like SSP take responsibility for their employees mental health in these uncertain times. BlueCall’s digital tools help employees improve their mental health by being preventative, accessible and modern.” “As the digital age progresses, we feel that BlueCall is the perfect complement to our traditional occupational health care. With BlueCall we can prevent mental illness and sickness at an early stage and improve daily mental well-being and engagement. We appreciate that BlueCall is so easy to access anywhere, anytime and that all employees can use the service for both private and work-related situations. With easy access we want to make it easy to ask for help!” Pia Axelsson, HR Director at SSP Sweden, concludes. 

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Academic Work: Det är en självklarhet att erbjuda medarbetarna proaktivt stöd

“Många av våra medarbetare är unga och högpresterande, de flesta är nya i arbetslivet och det kan vara utmanande. BlueCall ger våra medarbetare möjlighet att få stöd eller coachning i dessa utmaningar. På det viset kompletterar BlueCall vår företagshälsovård, genom att i ett tidigt skede stötta medarbetare och fånga upp mörkertalet, så att det inte går så långt som till psykisk ohälsa eller sjukfrånvaro.” Säger Jens Nordquist, Head of People & Performance på Academic Work.   Caroline Rödén, VD på BlueCall instämmer: “Att få prata med någon om vardagliga utmaningar gör stor skillnad för välmåendet och kan faktiskt förebygga sjuknärvaro och sjukfrånvaro. I och med att BlueCall är digitalt, anonymt och lättillgängligt sänker vi trösklarna för att söka hjälp i tid. Våra mätningar har visat att hela 80% inte hade sökt hjälp alls om de inte fått tillgång till BlueCall, då har de flesta av våra kunder även en företagshälsovård. Detta betyder att vi faktiskt fångar upp ett stort mörkertal.”  Behovet av samtalsstöd har under den rådande pandemin ökat drastiskt. Generellt har samtalen till BlueCall ökat med hela 76%. Academic Work som länge har jobbat tillsammans med BlueCall tycker att det är en självklarhet att erbjuda sina medarbetare proaktivt stöd, inte minst i tider som dessa.  “Covid-19-pandemin har påverkat oss alla i samhället, men på olika sätt, vi kan dock se att det övergripande välbefinnandet har påverkats för samtliga. För oss är det en självklarhet att tillgodose våra medarbetare med de bästa förutsättningarna för att ta sig igenom dessa tider av osäkerhet och oro. BlueCall hjälper oss med precis det, att ge både chefer och medarbetare verktyg för att kunna hantera situationen och öka sitt välbefinnande.” Avslutar Jens Nordquist, Head of People & Performance på Academic Work. 

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KICKS & BlueCall strengthens resilience against mental health issues

BlueCall is a great tool for our employees to get the opportunity of mental coaching together with a therapist. It is easy to use the app and since the calls are made anonymously, it should be more comfortable for the user. We want our collaboration to lead to increased well-being within the company at the same time as we strengthen our resilience against mental health issues. With BlueCall we can give our employees a great tool for dealing with challenges in everyday life.” Says Sara Leffler-Sjölander, HR partner at KICKS.  Caroline Rödén, CEO of BlueCall, is very happy to welcome KICKS onboard to BlueCall. Giving the employees the opportunity to work proactively with their mental health is beneficial for both the individual as well as the organisation. Sara Leffler-Sjölander agrees and explains why it is so important for them at KICKS to focus on mental health.  “We know that if one feels well it also has a strong impact on the results at work, which benefits both the employee and the company. We want to be a conscious employer that cares about the well-being of the employees. Taking care of our employees and investing in various health promotion measures is essential for creating a successful company, not least from a long-term perspective.” Sara Leffler-Sjölander concludes.

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