Create sustainable employees

BlueCall improves mental health in the workplace by providing employees and managers with digital tools to manage the challenges of everyday life – both at work and outside of the workplace.


The key to mental well-being

Employees are the key to a company’s success. Ensuring their mental health is the basis for the well-being of the entire organization.

BlueCall’s digital toolbox helps employees and managers deal with stress, uncertainty and anxiety, while providing tools to help strengthen self-esteem, increase motivation, and find balance. In collaboration with BlueCall, you work proactively with us to create sustainable employees and companies.

Proactively reduce stress, the main cause of sick leave

In Sweden, work-related stress is the leading cause for sick leave, and impacts employees across all industries.

According to Arbetsmiljöverket (Swedish Work Environment Agency), this costs businesses an average of 400,000 SEK per employee in the form of reduced productivity, sick pay, recruitment, and training.

With BlueCall’s help, you can enable your employees to stay mentally fit and better equipped to deal with stress, anxiety, or a crisis at work.

The digital toolbox that improves mental health in the workplace

Coaching and counseling

Digital and anonymous sessions with professional therapists and counselors, tailored to your employee’s specific goals and needs.

Education and exercises

Exercises in the app, as well as lectures and workshops, increase knowledge and lead to behavioral changes that help create sustainable and mentally fit employees.

Impact measurements

Feedback with statistics and tailor-made effect measurements gives you proof of ROI and utilization.

Digital leadership tools

BlueCall’s digital tools help managers and HR lead their employees through both ups and downs, in the workplace as well as remotely.

Investing in sustainable employees pays off

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on average are struggling with their mental wellbeing
Average savings per year

Book a consultation with BlueCall to increase the profitability of your company.

Estimated figures are based on research from Karolinska Institutet and internal BlueCall impact measurements.

Ways your company profits from BlueCall’s solutions

Financial Savings

BlueCall reduces costs for sick leave and health care, and measures the effect at the organizational level.

Employer Branding

BlueCall creates satisfied, healthy and sustainable employees. We make you an attractive employer.

Sustainable Leadership

BlueCall gives managers time to lead, gives HR valuable tools for people management and provides support for leadership issues.

Working preventively is very important to us at ICA Försäkring, partly from a company perspective but of course also from a purely human perspective. No one benefits from injuries, accidents, stress and anxiety that could have been prevented. Therefore, it feels very good for us at ICA Försäkring to supplement our customer offer with the opportunity to talk to a counselor.”

Caroline Farbeger, CEO, ICA Försäkring

“Being able to see a clear reduction in the risk of sick leave is strong proof that preventive measures are of great value to us as a company. With the sharp increase in mental illness we see in society, it is our responsibility as employers to do what we can to not become part of the growing statistics.”

Ida Wirmark, Head of People and Performance, Academic Work

We strongly believe in being able to offer everyone in our organization the services that BlueCall provides. It’s quite simple really: if you feel good, then you perform well. We care a lot about our well-being, and there can be many factors that contribute to the need for external conversational support, both in situations that arise in the workplace or outside of it.”

Karl Blom, CEO, Parapix

Curious about how BlueCall can help your company?

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