We give you the five best tricks on how to get from chill mode to work mode

The first time on the job after a holiday can feel heavy – even for those who normally love their job. We give you the top five tips for regaining energy and motivation, both in the short and long term.

1. Start soft

If you have the opportunity to impact your work schedule – do it. By coming back to work on a Wednesday or Thursday you give yourself a soft start. Then you only work a few days before it’s time for a weekend. Jumping in a few hours a week before coming back is also a tip. Then you can prepare a little and maybe take out that time in compensation hours later.

2. Get back to the normal rhythm

During the holidays we don’t keep our routines as tight. The bright nights and vacation time means that we like to stay up a little longer and enjoy a sleep-in. However, it takes time for the brain to adjust back to normal hours, which is why it can be good to think about whether you’ve changed your daily rhythm a lot. A trick is to not stay up until two o’clock at night the days before you start work and suddenly have to get up at six o’clock.

3. Plan and prioritize

Take the first day to write a priority list of what is most important to do when you return to work. If you find that the first week becomes too overwhelming with a massive workload, it may be more efficient to take a break in the middle of the day to reload than to push yourself too hard.

4. Extend the holiday feeling

Be kind to yourself during the first week of work. Make sure you leave the job at a reasonable time in the afternoon so you can enjoy your time outside of work as well. Go and swim or do some other holiday activities, so the time at the office doesn’t feel as distressed. Continue to have dinner or breakfast on the balcony. Then you extend the holiday feeling and relieve some of the demands and pressure.

5. Have something to look forward to

You may be able to put in a few days of vacation for a while a couple of weeks after you started working again. Otherwise, you can schedule small things like a shorter trip or similar. Having something to look forward to motivates you.

Want more tips on how to best get out of vacation mode and into work mode? If you have something else you would like to get help with, we are here for you!

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