Five ways to deal with stress during Christmas holidays

We gather for the holidays with family and friends, seeking peace and joy. But for some of us, it’s a stressful season with worries around gifts, preparations or around all the tensions in between relatives. The high expectations that everything must be perfect makes us sometimes feel even more stressed. But there are ways to regain emotional balance and control. We share our five best!

1. Be kind to yourself

You don’t have to attend every social event if it becomes too overwhelming for you. Find a balance by going there for a short while to say hi. Or just say no! Focus on doing things that you like and makes you feel good, and if possible, add rest to your schedule.

2. Don’t overdo Christmas gifts

It can be stressful and expensive to find the right gift for everyone. Avoid buying gifts at the last minute. Instead, talk to your loved ones about how you can give presents to each other in a different and playful way. Have you tried to play the game Secret Santa, or maybe you skip gifts this year?

3. Hang out with people you like

Spending too much time on your own can make you feel anxious, lonely and depressed. Try to reach out to a friend for a coffee or have a walk. Hang out with people who give you positive energy and do things that make you feel good.

4.  Limit social media usage

Have you ever scrolled through your feed and felt like everyone else’s life is much more interesting than yours? There’s a lot more to life than what fits into a filtered social media profile. If social media makes you feel anxious or not enough, try to take a break from the phone and focus on the people close to you.

5. Stick to your routines

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year for everyone. As a result, the time away from regular schedules affect routines. and things that make us feel good. Try to eat and drink moderately, plan for a good night’s sleep and maintain your physical activity, whether it be in the gym or a cozy winter walk.

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