Consultancy firm FCG finds new ways to empower their employees through BlueCall

With the aim to increase wellbeing and performance, as well as prevent mental health issues, renowned consultancy firm FCG is teaming up with BlueCall to give all 200 employees access to therapy counseling via an app.

“In our society where mental health issues, often caused by stress, is rapidly growing, we believe that employers can play a key role in preventing that their employees become part of the statistics. Our aim is to be in the forefront of this movement and create an environment where the employees have easy access to tools that help them increase wellbeing and prevent mental health issues”. Says Carina Ståhl, HR Manager at FCG.

Consultancy work is often performed in a high pace environment, and consultants are known as high achievers, generating great results for the clients. The wider industry has a reputation of promoting long hours and hard work, however FCG has taken on a new and modern approach.

“Our consultants are really the core of our service. We work with the philosophy that happy and healthy consultants make happy and healthy clients. The employees’ performance is directly correlated with the success of our firm, hence we believe our main task should be to provide them with the best tools for managing challenges and increase performance. We believe BlueCall is a perfect partner for that”. Carina Ståhl, HR Manager at FCG, continues.

Building on the belief that the key to success is to work smart, not as much as you can, FCG is looking to increase performance yet sustain and increase wellbeing among their employees. To allow time for recovery at the end of the work day or at the end of a project to be able to manage stress is something FCG encourages all employees to do.

“I think most people working in the consultancy industry can relate to the challenges that comes with combining career, family duties, social life, hobbies, gym and everything else that’s is supposed to fit into a weekly schedule. To also squeeze in time for recovery can be difficult when the wheel is spinning really fast and you’re being pulled in every direction. That’s where BlueCall comes in. We help the consultants to manage their specific situation and set up a plan that works for them as individuals.” Says Caroline Rödén, CEO of BlueCall.


FCG is a leading Nordic advisory firm focusing primarily on the financial services industry. With in-depth exper­tise in areas such as risk management, compliance, financial mathematics and corporate governance, we help our clients manage their challenges and guide them in an ever-changing environment. FCG was founded in 2008 and today has about 200 employees based in Copen­hagen, Aarhus, Oslo, Stockholm and Malmö. FCG has experienced continuous growth by building long-lasting relationships with clients as well as attracting and developing the best employees.

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