Five ways to get a stress free holiday

For many of us, the holiday is just a few weeks away, and we look forward to it. When expectations are too high and the demands too many the holiday fills with stress rather than rest. We give you the top five tips on how to create a stress-free holiday and maximize your recovery!

1. Plan ahead for the holiday

A lot to do, unclear directives and limited time. Getting stressed when the holiday is just around the corner is very common. Therefore, list what you need to accomplish before the holiday to get a clear picture of your workload. Divide the tasks into “Must Do” and “Should Do” tasks. Prioritize and plan for how you can finish these on time and delegate the rest to a colleague.

2. Plan for the return

Write a to-do list of what you need to do when you return from the holiday. Then you don’t have to spend time thinking about work when you’re on holiday. Don’t book meetings immediately after the holiday is over so that you’ll have time to go through the mail inbox the first few days when you’re back to get up to speed.

3. Relax by unplugging

By unplugging from the phone and mail, your brain can relax during the holiday and get some time to recharge the batteries. If you can be completely off during the holiday, add an Out of Office voicemail and email that you’re on vacation and when you’re back. If you’ve to be available during the vacation, be sure to schedule for when you’ll check the mail or answer by phone to create continuity and so that you can unwind. 

4. Reduce the pressure

When you’ve got a hectic work schedule, an upcoming holiday can be the only thing you look forward to for months and you do everything to make the holiday perfect. Try to let go of the expectations and demands of the perfect holiday or that the weather must be top notch. Instead, focus on things that make you happy and energized, whether it is just lying in the hammock or going swimming with the family. This is what makes you more productive when you are back at work.

5. Create variation

A holiday full of activities is just as right as a holiday in the hammock. It all depends on how your job and life look in general. If you’re very active at work, it may be good to relax during your vacation. If you’re passive at work, such as sitting a lot, it can be nice to get some movement. Do what you think is fun. The most important thing is that you feel good and recover from your holiday.

If you would like to get help from a therapist to maximize recovery during your holiday we are here for you.

Team BlueCall wish you a wonderful holiday with a lot of rest and recovery!

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