For a smooth return to work after a relaxing vacation

Feeling stressed about returning to work after a great summer vacation is natural! It is actually a sign that you have managed very well to unwind during your time off. In this month’s newsletter, we share tips for a smooth return to work after a restful vacation.

Find your work-life rhythm

During vacation, it is very relaxing not having to be a slave under the clock but instead give yourself the freedom to eat and sleep whenever the body wants. However, when the vacation is coming towards an end, it is good to start finding your way back to those everyday eat- and sleep routines. It will feel a lot easier when the alarm goes off on your first day of work if you have let yourself lean into the routines in advance. 

Give yourself a smooth start 

Coming back to a full email inbox which constantly keeps piling up and demanding answers can feel stressful. Keep the automatic reply saying you are on vacation for a few days, or change to a message saying you recently got back and are working through the pile. That way you can catch up on your prioritized tasks at your own pace without the stress of someone waiting for your immediate response. 

Plan for something to look forward to

Plan for some highlights in your everyday life to have something to look forward to! Maybe a lunch date with a dear friend, an after work with colleagues or a fun exercise class. These highlights will ease up the autumn and make you more motivated in your everyday life. 

Prolong the summer feeling

You may be back working, but the summer still has lots to offer! Make use of the weekends and evenings and stick to some of your enjoyable vacation habits, such as the evening swim in a lake, trips on the weekends or ice cream after lunch. By continuing with these habits you will prolong the vacation feeling which will make the return to work much easier. 

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