Get the staycation you deserve

For many of us, vacation is around the corner, a time for rest and recovery. According to scientists from the stress science institution at Stockholm University, it is more important than ever with variation and limits during this year’s vacation. Here we share concrete tips on how to get the stress free staycation that you deserve!

Unplug and relax

Allow yourself to completely unplug from work during your vacation to give the brain and body maximum recovery without reminders from work. Create an automatic response on your phone and email saying you are on vacation and when you will be back. If you need to be available during your holiday, make a clear schedule over when you will be connected, and when you have time to relax. 

Create variation

Make a contrast to your everyday life to give your brain a clear signal that it is vacation time. According to stress scientists at SU, recovery does not have to mean inactivity. The essential part is that your brain and body get variation to what you are usually doing. If you have a very passive job where you mostly sit still, have an active vacation, and vice versa. 

Adjust your expectations

Your vacation this year will not be what you expected, but you can still have a relaxing, fun, and adventurous staycation! Instead of feeling disappointed, create the right expectations in advance by focusing on the possibilities that you actually have. “Hemesterguiden” shares many tips on what to do in Sweden and in your area during this summer, for example, hiking trails, outdoor activities, and DIY projects. Read more about “Hemesterguiden” here.

Plan for a smooth start 

To decrease the stress of going back to work, we recommend that you plan for a smooth start in advance. For example, take your vacation on a Wednesday and return on a Wednesday, it will mentally feel much easier to start with only half a week. Also, try not to book too many meetings during your first week, give yourself time to find your way back to your routines, your everyday tasks, and to go through your emails. 

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