Try out our four best tips on how to be more grateful

To be more grateful in life means that you’re also allowing yourself to be happier, more content and more satisfied with everything that has been going on around you. But with all the stress, all the disappointments and all the anxiety around you, I bet you ask yourself this question all the time: “How exactly can I be more grateful in my life?” Don’t worry! We’ve four tips to help you with this particular concern. Here they are:

1. Keep a gratitude journal

It’s worth keeping a gratitude journal. Research shows that individuals who have such journals for recording daily blessings have a more optimistic view of their lives. Spend 5 minutes each day on writing down things for which you feel grateful. That’s how you can boost your appreciation for the little things that you normally ignore.

2. Celebrate the little things

  • Give yourself permission to do that. Here’s how you can celebrate your small wins in life:
  • Celebrate good weather by taking out a friend and going for a walk
  • When someone around you masters a new skill, give them a small present to celebrate their achievement
  • Celebrate getting through a daunting task with doing something you enjoy

3. Be present

Choose to be present in the now. This type of consciousness of the moment – sometimes called mindfulness – is critical to generating positive emotions that come with gratitude. When you’re living with more awareness, you notice everything – even the little pieces of everyday beauty.

4. Fall asleep with gratitude

Ideally, you should wake up and go to bed with gratitude in your mind. If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, it’s probably because your mind is still pondering over the stressful events of the day. Instead of thinking about the things you need to do tomorrow, try to enter the gratitude mode at bedtime. Think about the beautiful things that happened to you on that day.

If you would like more tips on how to be more grateful or have something else you would like to get help with, we are here for you!

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