Five Effective Ways To Kick-Start Your New Year

Holidays are over and it’s time to get back to business. Whether you feel unmotivated to go back to work or longing for daily routines we want to give you five effective ways to kick-start the new year!

1. Update yourself

Before taking a deep dive into your mail inbox, you can give yourself time for an update. Talk to your colleagues to get a general idea of ​​what happened while you were away. It will help you better prioritize what you need to address first.

2. Plan, prioritize and pause

Plan for the coming time and then write a priority list of what is most important to do. If you experience a high workload, it may be more effective to take a break to recharge the batteries than to push yourself too hard.

3. Schedule recovery

The stress can be harmful to your health if you don’t get enough rest and recovery. Schedule time for it in your calendar, then you know it will take place. It will give you new power and energy so you can do your best.

4. Do some physical activity

It is proven that physical activity releases endorphins, which improves our well-being.  Therefore, make sure to make time for some exercise in your daily routine. Do something that you think is fun, a boxing class, go for a walk, or yoga at home.

5. Book something fun

There is some time left for the next vacation, so make sure to boost yourself with good energy. For example, book a dinner with friends, and After Work with your colleagues or a short excursion. Having something to look forward to motivates you!

Want more tips on how to best kick-start the new year? If you have something else you would like to get help with, we are here for you!

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