How to stay motivated during autumn

If you’re feeling tired, down and low on energy during this season, you are not alone. Autumn is a season that is initially filled with colorful trees and crispy air but also gray days and lack of sunlight. It’s harder to get out of bed and hard to find the motivation to work, or do social activities. Here are 5 easy ways to stay motivated until Christmas holidays.

1. Catch the daylight

During fall it’s extra important to get as much sunlight as possible. Sunlight is the most effective medicine for maintaining energy level, but also on a cloudy day some time outside gives a good kick. If it’s a beautiful autumn day but you’re busy with work, squeez in a walk after lunch and bring a colleague. Or maybe have one of your meetings outside?

2. Have a good night’s sleep

Getting up and going to bed at the same time is the key to good sleep. When it’s getting dark already at 15 pm, the brain has a bit of difficulty to know what time it is. The goal is to get a pre-sleep routine to relax your body and prepare it for sleep. Read a book, listen to a podcast or have a hot bath or shower – and no phone or emails before bed!

3. Keep up the fitness motivation

During summer people are exercising more, going for long bike rides, playing sports and just generally getting out of the house and being more active. When fall hits, many of us head to the gym or bring our workouts indoors, which can quickly lead to boredom and burnout. We know it’s hard, but try to stick to your workout routines, even if it’s in your living room.

4. Focus on friends and family

When motivation and energy levels are low, we tend to isolate ourselves from the outside world. However, the best solution to get back on track is to hang out with someone you like. Even if you prefer to binge-watch a TV show, it’s important to prioritize social contexts as well. Start by reaching out to the one you like most.

5. Release love hormones

Hugs, kisses, and cuddling increase oxytocin levels quickly. Oxytocin is called the love hormone for a reason. It increases the well-being and reducing anxiety and worry and makes you feel calmer and in control of life. You can also listen to music, meditate or do something nice for someone else to release the love hormone.

Would you like to find a way that works for you?

BlueCall’s therapists are there for you to help you map out your specific situation and set up your routines to stay motivated until Christmas holidays.

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