Semantix equips managers & employees with BlueCall to increase mental well-being

Semantix is the largest language service provider and translation agency in the Nordics. Their vision is to make people and businesses shine, which also translates to their employees. Agnes Silvergran, HR Business Partner at Semantix wants to enable the employees to reach their full potential and work proactively with mental well-being in the workplace.

“We are impressed with BlueCall’s proactive approach to mental health and well-being, which aligns with our own aspirations. BlueCall’s digital platform will mean easy access to its services, which is essential in our fast-paced environment.”

Says Agnes Silvergran, HR Business Partner at Semantix

Agnes continues; “Without our employees and their brilliant minds, we have nothing. It might be a cliché, but it’s true that their experience, ideas and collaboration is our greatest asset. It’s our job as an employer to attract and keep talent. To do so, we need to care for and contribute to the overall well-being of our employees. We truly believe that happier and healthier employees will lead to happier and healthier customer relationships.” 

During the pandemic remote work has become the new normal, which has led to new challenges for managers in leading their teams.

“BlueCall’s concept is a great tool for our leaders and can help with potential challenges that working remotely have brought about. BlueCall’s solutions for total anonymity is an excellent way to highlight those potential issues, without interfering with anyone’s privacy.”

Agnes Silvergran states.

Caroline Rödén, CEO at BlueCall is thrilled to welcome Semantix to BlueCall.

“The pandemic has led to an increase in mental health issues such as loneliness, worry and anxiety. For managers with remote teams it is harder than ever to notice the symptoms in time. It is great that companies like Semantix take responsibility for well-being by offering BlueCall in their workplace to support both managers and employees, especially in these troubled times.”

Caroline Rödén, CEO at BlueCall, concludes.

Do you want to attract and retain global talents by supporting your employee’s mental wellbeing?

Book a demo with us and find our how BlueCall can enable your employees to reach their full potential and help you work proactively with mental well-being in the workplace.

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