The cell phone has become the new blankie

The first thing we do when we wake up in the morning is to reach for our cell phones. The last thing we do in the evening before we go to sleep is to put the cell phone on the bedside table. The cell phone has become the new blankie. Here are three tips on how to change your screen usage and maximize your everyday life!

1. Memory and concentration

One study tested the memory and concentration of 500 university students where they found that those who had left their cell phone outside the classroom performed better than those who had it left in their pocket. This is because the brain is distracted by the cell phone (even if it’s only left in the pocket) and then shifts focus.

Tip! The brain needs up to 15 minutes to get involved in a task so we can perform in the best way. In order not to distract the brain, you can try leaving the cell phone outside the meeting room next time to increase your concentration and memory.

2. Sleep Quality

Having trouble sleeping have increased significantly in recent years. The reason is partly due to the fact that we bring the cell phone to the bedroom. The brain associates the cell phone and the blue light from the screen with alertness which tricks the brain to adjust to being alert rather than preparing the body for relegation and sleep. Darkness is needed to release the body’s hormone melatonin which helps the body get a good sleep rhythm.

Tip! Try putting your cell phone outside the bedroom and use an analog or digital alarm clock instead to get better sleep quality.

3. Screen-free time

On average, we check our cell phone every ten minutes. In studies that research on cell phone usage, 50% of the participants drop out because of the abstinence from not being close to their cell phone. Every time we receive a new message or notification, the brain sends out small doses of the neurotransmitter dopamine. That makes the brain feel rewarded which leads to addiction to the cell phone.

Tip! Set limits for your cell phone usage. For example, start with screen-free time when eating with family, friends or colleagues to become more present at the moment.

Want more tips on how to manage your screen usage and create balance in your everyday life? Or do you have anything else you want to get help with? We are happy to help you!

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