Fredagsintervju med Adrian Trif

What do you do when you don’t feel at your best?

Sometimes I regret slipping into one of my bad habits like doing something exaggeratedly because I liked it very much. Eg. stay at night working with a favorite project then being super tired the next day, or watching 4 episodes in a row from a movie series in the middle of the week. The next day I feel very tired and usually I regret it. But I take 20 min naps and use a lot of liquids to pump up energy (a carrot juice with ginger can do wonders).

Another reason for feeling down is when I need to do something which I don’t want to do it, or I feel it’s not worth doing. Then is when I start procrastinating and look for anything else to do except what I need to do. So far the only exist for this is having a hard deadline.

Perhaps the most deepest feeling that get’s me out of a good mood is feeling unappreciated. Then I try to see if this is a repeated pattern and if there any solutions towards changing the way other see me. Most important is that I know I need to change first.

What motivates you?

Being successful at what I do. Making others feel safe, secure when I’m in charge of something.

What are your best tips to feel better?

Sleep enough, train and eat regularly and with a lot of veggies !
Then be grateful for what you have, try being nice and loving unconditionally – it will pay back, I promise. Focus on what you like doing, find work in areas you have passion, work without passion is an energy swamp and on the long run it will make you sad and unhappy chronically. Replace bad habits with good habits. And don’t forget that there’s always someone above watching over you, with a greater plan which is hard to see, impossible to understand, but is for your own good – have faith.

Why is it important to talk about how you feel?

Putting feelings into words is an effective step towards giving feelings a physical form and so becoming something that can be altered, transformed and shaped into something else, or wiped out completely.

Why would you recommend BlueCall?

I think BlueCall is a one-of-the kind solution to a real problem. We need to open up. We need to talk about our thoughts, issues and concerns. And we need feel welcomed and heard. And we need a plan for dealing with all of this. You can’t expect complaining all day long about your issue to whoever would actually fix the issue. It won’t. But when talking to a specialist who helps you understand how things work in your mind, how come you reached your current state and what do about it in a structured and planned way, that’s a good plan – and that’s what BlueCall Proffs offers. Welcoming, empathic people who are trained to listen and give you a way out.

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