Hero Gaming invests in the well-being of the employees

Hero Gaming is an iGaming company which owns and operates a number of gambling brands. Through their new collaboration with BlueCall, Hero Gaming is boosting the employee toolbox with therapy counseling through the BlueCall app. With the aim to increase and maintain well-being, all employees can use the service for both private and work-related situations.

“As Head of HR, one of my biggest responsibilities is to ensure the well-being of my team. In a stressful environment, it’s imperative to make our employees feel supported and motivated. I have chosen BlueCall as our partner in achieving this.” Says Karin Fahl Hallberg, Head of HR at Hero Gaming

The gaming industry is characterized by a fast growth pace, where the workforce often consists of high-achieving people. Balancing work and private life can be tough, with high stress as an alternative cost of high results. For this group of great performers, it can be a big step to ask for professional help. With BlueCall these barriers are lowered as all users in the app are completely anonymous.

“In addition to the therapy sessions we provide for employees, we work closely with our customers in reducing the taboo of mental health issues in the workplace. By implementing BlueCall in the organization, the employer nurture a culture of openness. We see strong evidence that openness in combination with education and support leads to prevention of mental health issues”. Says Caroline Rödén, CEO of BlueCall.

“It’s important that our employees can access therapy counseling without asking me or their manager for permission. I don’t want the management to be a barrier for the employees to manage their wellbeing, and I’m convinced the anonymity in the service will get more employees to take the step to try.” Concludes Karin Fahl Hallberg, Head of HR at Hero Gaming.

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