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Bluecall's mind gym increases motivation by mentally equipping your employees and leaders for everyday challenges at work. Want to know how?


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A fit mind stays motivated!

Like our body, our mind needs continuous exercise to stay fit and motivated.

With BlueCall, your employees improve their core mental skills like self-confidence, focus, motivation, sense of purpose, sense of autonomy, adaptability, flexibility, and social connections at work.

We also empower your leaders to proactively enhance these mind skills for your employees.

Healthy mind reduces stress, No. 1 reason for sick leaves

In Sweden, work-related stress is No. 1 cause for sick leaves and impacts employees across all industries.

According to Arbetsmiljöverket (Swedish Work Environment Agency), this cost business an average of 400, 000 SEK per employee in the form of reduced productivity, sick pay, recruitment, and training of substitutes.

BlueCall Mind Gym helps them stay mentally fit and better equipped to deal with stress, anxiety, or crisis at work.

Save money by proactively working on employee's mental fitness!

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Per year with BlueCall

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* Estimated figures based on research from Karolinska Institute and internal BlueCall impact measurements

Bluecall's mind gym - A complete solution

Coaching & counseling

Digital and anonymous sessions tailored to your employee's specific goals. Anywhere, anytime!

Mental PT

Mobile App for easy everyday mind training, activities, and challenges. Increases employee engagement and retention.


Bite sized knowledge on app or tailored remote workshops to increase employee's knowledge of necessary mind skills. Awareness leads to positive actions.

Expert Consultation

Shape tomorrow's sustainable leaders with our physiologically and research backed leadership advisory! Proactively work on keeping employees motivated.

  • Ida Wirmark

    "Being able to see a clear reduction in the risk of sick leave is strong proof that preventive measures are of great value to us as a company. With the sharp increase in mental illness, we see in society. It is our responsibility as employers to do what we can to not become part of the growing statistics."

    Ida Wirmark
    Ida Wirmark, Head of People and Performance at Academic Work

Act now on employee mental well-being to achieve

Financial savings

BlueCall reduces your costs for sick leave and lost productivity. Measuring the effect at the organisational level.

Employee attraction

BlueCall helps you create satisfied and empowered employees. Making you an attractive employer.

Employee retention

BlueCall helps create sustainable leaders with high emotional intelligence. Increasing your employee retention.

23% increase in productivity with BlueCall

Our customers have seen that BlueCall's mental training gives measurable results in the form of increased productivity, increased well-being, motivation and a reduced number of sick leaves.

We can also help your company to accomplish this!

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