Jayway empowers employees to increase mental well-being

Jayway, a part of devoteam, is one of the leading creative technology companies in Scandinavia. As a company, they value their employees highly and the overall goal is to have a workplace where all employees feel safe, welcome and are able to do their work, while still having energy left over for their non-working hours. To support the employees in achieving work life balance, handle stress and generally increase mental well-being, Jayway has introduced a collaboration with BlueCall. Lisa Robertsson, Director of People and Operations at Jayway shares in this interview why this is so important for them.

“We strive to make Jayway a place to belong, a friendly and inclusive workplace. By working more proactively with mental health, we will increase psychological safety in our teams, which will strengthen our collaboration, help us make better decisions and create value long term.” 

Lisa Robertsson, Director of People and Operations at Jayway

Caroline Rödén, CEO and Co-Founder of BlueCall, is thrilled to welcome Jayway to BlueCall and agrees that there is a strong correlation between psychological safety, or mental health, and work performance. 

“We know that mental health has a direct effect on work performance, there are numerous studies, and at BlueCall we have 5 years of data supporting it. Support for employees to work on their mental health continuously is an important investment that will increase productivity, engagement and also profit. We see a very positive trend now where mental health is getting higher prioritized at workplaces. It is great to see companies like Jayway taking responsibility for these matters, especially during these troubled times” 

Caroline Rödén, CEO at BlueCall

Being a digital company, Jayway had a head start during the pandemic when it came to digital maturity and ways of working, they could quickly switch to working remotely. However, Lisa Robertsson shares that they did see mental challenges amongst the employees that came with the pandemic. 

“The need for social interaction, and keeping the balance between work and private life while working remotely, have been the toughest parts. We have increased the number of regular 1on1s, carried out temp checks, introduced various social remote events etc. However, it has still been difficult to proactively ensure the well-being of employees, with different needs, when we only meet in front of a screen.”

Lisa Robertsson, Director of People and Operations at Jayway

Lisa Robertsson continues:

“We really like BlueCall’s proactive approach to mental health. It can be hard to find a healthy balance in life, you might feel stressed or worried about things at work or at home. Talking to a therapist anonymously is an easy first step to start working proactively on one’s own mental health. This is the primary reason why we decided to partner up with BlueCall.”

Lisa Robertsson, Director of People and Operations at Jayway

Vill du veta mer?

Vill du veta mer om BlueCall och vikten av att jobba proaktivt med psykisk hälsa är du välkommen att boka ett kostnadsfritt möte med oss och få hjälp med att:

✨ Jobba mer proaktivt med medarbetarnas välmående.
✨ Ge bättre och tidigare mentalt stöd till medarbetarna.
✨ Få medarbetarna att känna att man verkligen bryr sig om dem.

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