SSP continues their proactive work towards sustainable employees!

The global company SSP has worked with BlueCall to prevent mental health issues since 2020 and are now extending the collaboration for another year. The Nordic HR team is happy to be able to offer proactive support to all their employees in the different countries.

”We know our employees are performing extraordinarily and we want to show our appreciation by offering support and methods to prevent and handle stress, anxiety, worries, changes in sleep or eating patterns. We know employee wellbeing is tightly linked to employee engagement and productivity.”

Pia Axelsson, HR Director, SSP Sweden & Nordics.

”It is definitely a win-win. Happy employees create a good working environment, serve our customers better and spend less time away from work.

With BlueCall, we can offer various ways to prevent mental health issues. This is important because we have employees with different needs. Some want to talk to a professional, some want to take courses and others want simple exercises they can perform on their own.”

Karoline Boug, HR & Communications Director, SSP Norway.

”BlueCall is also the perfect complement to our traditional occupational health care. With BlueCall, we can prevent mental illness at an early stage and improve mental well-being and engagement. We appreciate that the BlueCall app is so easy to access anywhere, anytime and that all employees can use the service for both private and work related matters.”

Pia Axelsson, HR Director, SSP Sweden & Nordics.

Marjo Keravuori, HR Manager at SSP Finland agrees with her colleagues and adds: 

”This is our way of saying thank you to our people. For us at SSP it is important to offer a service that gives our employees the freedom to choose the support that suits them. We are proud of our people, and want to create the best possible circumstances at work, where they truly can feel that they are appreciated and cared for.”

Alicia Hallén, Customer success manager at BlueCall, is thrilled to continue the collaboration together with SSP.

”It is fantastic to work with a global company like SSP that truly cares for their employees. We have seen that BlueCall is highly appreciated by the employees as well, who rated 9.1/10 on how satisfied they are with having access to BlueCall!

I am super happy to work together with Pia, Karoline, and Marjo to support the employees and managers at SSP. Looking forward to continuing our collaboration!”

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